Religious Education

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we, the Catechetical Team of Holy Family Parish, dedicate ourselves to carrying out the missionary mandate of the Lord, “to go and make disciples of all nations.” We will do this under the inspiration of our Patron, the Holy Family (of Nazareth), committing ourselves to:

  • Promoting a deeper and loving relationship with God
  • The teachings of Jesus Christ and His church by evangelizing and educating all children entrusted in our care
  • The education and formation of all parishioners in the living tradition of the Catholic Faith
  • The evangelization of others who wish to join the Church

Welcome to Holy Family Religious Education Program. Our program seeks to nurture children and adolescents to become faithful disciples of Jesus through knowledge and experience. In keeping with their age, they will assume responsibility as vital members of the parish and participate in the church’s mission to proclaim, celebrate and serve God. All the staff involved in this program are looking forward to sharing their faith in Christ Jesus with your children. The church teaches that parents are the primary religious educators to their children. We are here to support you in this mission. The church has entrusted the catechists with the “heart of the Church,” the youth. With the help of the Holy Spirit, they will work to pass on our Catholic heritage to your children. The tireless testimony of those dedicated to the ministry of catechesis continues to be a great gift to the church.

Attending Sunday mass each week, family prayer, worship at liturgical events, and receiving the sacraments are excellent ways for parents to hand on the catholic faith to their children. Since the mass is the source and summit of our catholic faith, every effort should be made by parents to lead these children by example. Always remember that as you live your family life, you share your faith in Christ with your children and in doing so you sow the seeds of God’s love and mercy. Your family so aptly described by the Second Vatican Council as the “Domestic Church” is the “first school” where children learn the virtues they will need to know, love, and serve God throughout their lives. Your home is the place where God’s word will take root, blossom and spread.

About Our Programs
Our religious education programs includes curriculums for pre-K through High School. Each year we have close to two hundred students enrolled, which leaves us in need of volunteers to teach. Teachers receive training on the use of the curriculum materials as well as enrichment opportunities during the year. We have been blessed with a resource center in the religious education office, where teachers can find supplemental information for their classes, supplies, and use of a copier.

Our Religious Education Programs
Early Childhood
Elementary Division
Middle School Division
Catch-up Division
Special Education

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